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LAComputerBuddy is the premier San Fernando Valley based computer and technology consulting company. We offer the luxury of having a computer department on demand for small businesses and homeowners without the costs associated with hiring full time computer support staff. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any problem from the “How do I…?” to the “Help! My computer just…” The company is lead by Bill Curran with over 20 years of experience in the computer service and support industry, and put the personal back into personal computing. Bill saw the need for fast efficient friendly computer services and formed a company to provide it.

I called Bill of LAcomputerBuddy to give me a second opinion. He came to my dental office the next day of calling and he took my CPU and found that is was just a loose wiring issue and not the whole harddrive that the other company said. I am grateful for the honesty and promptness of Bill and he is not someone who makes you feel dumb for not being so computer illiterate, plus he does not make himself seem so Almighty like the other computer people I have used who get a kick of someone saying they are so great. Bill has a great sense of humor and he was very reasonable in his pricing. He saved me a lot of money by trusting him. Dr. Montes

-Jorge M.
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